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Genius Philosophy Quiz

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In which dialogue by Plato do we find the famous myth of the cave? Who was the philosopher who said, "cogito, ergo sum"? Did you know that Nietzsche spent the last days of his life in a psychiatric hospital?Show how much you know and learn with the quiz Genius - Philosophy!
Test your knowledge and discover the easiest and funniest way of learning about the history of philosophy, from its origins in pre-Socratic Greece up to the currents of the twentieth century.Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche and Freud: more than two thousand years of philosophical reflection searching for the ultimate truths regards reality, being, God or the soul.• The birth of philosophy. The presocratics• The Golden Age: 400 BC – 300 BC• Hellenistic and Roman philosophy• Medieval philosophy and Reinassance• Modern philosophy: XVII and XVIII centuries• The crisis of Reason• The XX Century
For each question, there is a clear and comprehensive explanation rich in information that will allow you to learn the history of philosophy and become an expert in the matter.• Test your knowledge with the trivia game• Learn with the detailed explanations for each answer• Share questions and answers with your friends• Excel in each level so you become a true "Great Philosopher"
With Genius – Philosophy, learning becomes a game.Discover it.